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balkantote: They laughed about it. Illegal deportations in the Balkans

Nomination 2020
CIVIS AUDIO AWARD – Long Programmes

Writers:Andrea Beer, Srdjan Govedarica
Documentary, Bayerischer Rundfunk

The Afghan, Ihsanudin, died in 2018 in the Korana river on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. It’s possible that he drowned following an illegal deportation. Kicks, punches, humiliation, the confiscation of mobile phones and money, the burning of personal possessions and being threatened by the dogs and guns of the Croatian border police are the order of the day during such illegal deportations.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
A programme that analyses a highly topical and relevant issue in great depth. The meticulous research unearths disquieting breaches of the law that are far too rarely mentioned during the debate about displacement and migration.

flight    human rights    migration   

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