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STRG_F – Suffering on Lesbos: An Intended Catastrophe

Nomination 2021

Author:Armin Ghassim
Editorial:Anna Orth
Production:Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Documentary, funk

Moria was hell, Kara Tepe is worse. No heating, no hot water, only a few toilets, wet tents and sick children who have lost the will to live. The suspicion: This is not about money or awareness, The deplorable conditions are part of an EU strategy. A message to the people in the countries of origin: stay home.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
The report Leid auf Lesbos uses authentic, close-up images to portray the distressing conditions in the refugee camps on Lesbos. It displays excellent journalistic craft which is both informative and full of empathy with the helpless victims of a dubious policy.

asylum    flight    human rights   

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