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Lesbos: Europe Again Looking the Other Way. Ö1 Journale. Part 1: – Kara Tepe: Children Who Contemplate Suicide

Nomination 2021
CIVIS AUDIO AWARD – Short Programmes

Author:Veronika Mauler
Editorial:Barbara Gansfuß-Kojetinsky
Production:Österreichischer Rundfunk
Documentary, Ö1

Lesbos after the fire at the Moria camp: more than 7,000 refugees are cramped into the provisional camp at Kara Tepe. Over a third of them are children, most under the age of twelve. They are emotionally scarred by war and flight and now further traumatised by the squalor in Lesbos. A Norwegian child psychologist speaks of primary school children contemplating suicide.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Lesbos: Europa schaut wieder weg deals with a highly topical issue. The report is as informative as it is sensitive in addressing a profound problem. The author takes us on a touching trip to Europe’s peripheral zone, one that is at risk of being overlooked in the corona crisis, despite the catastrophic conditions that continue to prevail.

flight    human rights   

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