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Hörbilder: „Welcome to Weikendorf”

Prize-winner 2021
CIVIS AUDIO AWARD – Long Programmes

Author:Claudia Gschweitl
Editorial:Simon Elmes, Eva Roither, Elisabeth Stratka
Direction:Claudia Gschweitl
Production:Österreichischer Rundfunk
Feature, Ö1

The small village of Weikendorf in Lower Austria is thrown into turmoil in summer 2019 when a Palestinian family of eleven decides to buy a house. The mayor refuses to approve the purchase, and a citizens’ initiative to prevent them from coming gains traction. But the inhabitants of Weikendorf reject being labelled as racists in the media. The family father writes to senior figures in Austrian politics, but to no avail. A protracted legal dispute ensues.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
The report Willkommen in Weikendorf charts the different positions in a bitter controversy over refugees in a small village in Lower Austria. It succeeds thanks to gripping direct quotes as well as a sophisticated dramaturgy. Conflict is not papered over but followed in its numerous twists and turns upholding suspense until the very end. Inspirational radio!


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