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The Lost, Episode 1

Prize-winner 2023
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Entertainment

Author:Ulf Ryberg
Editorial:Joakim Tessert, Thomas Lagerman
Direction:Tova Magnusson
Production:Patrick Ryborn
Co-Production:Anna Croneman (SVT), Peter Zell (SVT), Peter Possne (Film i Väst), Poa Strömberg (Unlimited Stories AB), Kjartan Thor Thordarson (Sagafilm)
Drama series, SVT

Trucker Erwin drives his tanker truck across the Öresund Bridge to Sweden. In the tank he has eight Syrian refugees who have paid money for the transport. The police stop the truck, Erwin has to close the tank cap properly – and thus cut off the air supply for the people inside. That doesn’t seem to be a problem, behind the border the lid can be opened again. But a disturbing phone call with his future ex-wife makes Erwin forget that his charges in the tank are slowly running out of oxygen. This trip costs almost all of them their lives.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
“An extremely intense series episode with a great acting performance by the lead actor, who convincingly conveys human frailty. The film sheds light on the criminal business with refugees, on what it can do to them, but also what it can do to smugglers. The fatal course of events out of control is narrated soberly, almost as if in a reportage, thus creating enormous pull.”

flight    human rights   

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