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Rendez-vous information at noon | Pietro Bartolo: The doctor of Lampedusa

Nomination 2023
CIVIS AUDIO AWARD – Short Programmes

Author:Charles Liebherr
Editorial:Thomas Müller
Portrait, Swiss Radio and Television

This is the story of Italian MEP Pietro Bartolo. He is not the only deputy to criticize the EU’s migration policy. But he knows the problem firsthand: Bartolo is more than a politician, author and filmmaker. He is also a doctor at Regional Hospital in Lampedusa, the Italian island off the African coast where the perilous journey of so many refugees ends. Bartolo tries to save their lives.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
“Few but cleverly placed spotlights bring us closer to a very special personality – a doctor who tries to change things, fails – and yet keeps going. He does not lack credibility and courage, but influence. An emotional portrait that points beyond the individual person, to the often inhumane European refugee policy.”

europe / european solidarity    social cohesion    human rights    civil courage   

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