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Standing up against the right

Brown danger and resistance

The clandestine meeting of AfD politicians, organized neo-Nazis and other fascists in Potsdam, has caused shock waves in Germany. It prompted, among other things, hundreds of thousands of people to nation-wide demonstrations against right-wing extremism for days. The phenomenon itself has of course been part of German reality for some time. And, as AfD’s election and poll results show, it is no longer limited to a narrow fringe of society.

Research into the gathering at the Villa Adlon by investigative media outlet Correctiv confirms that the brown danger does not just emanate from violent individuals or small groups, but that they are increasingly networking with middle-of-the-road milieus. The conspiratorial deliberations at the Potsdam meeting on the systematic deportation of millions of people with a history of migration involved men and women who would not at all consider themselves political extremists.

The search is on for useful remedies against the brown activities – in the democratic parties as well as in civil society, which is protesting vehemently.

The CIVIS Media Foundation for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe has been committed right from the start to combating extremism and social division. Every year, the CIVIS Media Prize honors contributions in television, radio, the internet and cinema that deal with issues including right-wing extremism, racism, antisemitism and antiziganism in an outstanding manner. Contributions that raise awareness and show ways to fight back and strengthen democracy.

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