Conditions of participation


  1. European CIVIS Media Prize 
    1. CIVIS is looking for programme contributions for radio, TV, the film sector and the Internet, which promote the peaceful coexistence of people of different geographical or cultural background. The prize recognizes the best programmes on the theme of migration, integration and cultural diversity.
    2. All submitted Radio, Film and Television programmes must be publicly broadcast between 24/01/2018 to 21/01/2019. Special conditions for Young CIVIS Mediaprize (6.3) and the DIGITAL-ONLINE Prize (7.2/7.4). All formats and genres are allowed.
    3. The CIVIS Media Prize is endowed with cash prizes. Closing date for entries is 21/01/2019.
  2. Competition 2019
    1. The European CIVIS Media Prize is awarded in the following areas:
      TV.VIDEO (formerly television), AUDIO (formerly radio), DIGITAL (formerly online) and YOUNG C. (formerly YOUNG CIVIS) in various categories.
    2. All the programmes must be submitted in the broadcast form (broadcast version). They may not contain any advertising and/or product placements in return for payment. Magazine entries must be submitted without an introduction, opening credits or jingle.
    3. Participating Radio and TV stations, production companies and educational institutions must have their headquarters in the EU or Switzerland.
  3. Categories and Prizes
      • Information (non fictional)
      • Entertainment (fictional)
      • Magazines (non fictional)
      • short programmes (up to 6 minutes)
      • long programmes (6 minutes and more)
    3.  YOUNG C. PRIZE  
      • Individual Prize (fictional and non fictional)
      • Websites (fictional and non fictional)
      • Web videos (fictional and non fictional)
      • TV.VIDEO (fictional and non fictional)
      • AUDIO (fictional and non fictional)
      • DIGITAL (fictional and non fictional)
  4. CIVIS TV.VIDEO PRIZE – for television programmes                                                           
    1. The Prize will be awarded in the areas of Information (non-fictional) and Entertainment (fictional) as well as for short programmes of up to ten minutes as a Magazine Prize (non-fictional). All short programmes of up to 10 minutes will take part in the Magazine Prize.
    2. The TV.VIDEO contributions must be submitted in German, English or French or with appropriate subtitles from the original in German or English.
    3. In the case of series or multi-part entries a maximum of three parts may be submitted.
  5. European CIVIS AUDIO PRIZE – for radio programmes
    1. Prizes will be awarded to German-language programmes - in the areas of short programmes (up to six minutes) and long programmes (from six minutes up to 120 minutes).
    2. All forms and formats of radio broadcasts are allowed – ranging, for example, from classic reports, features, profiles, radio dramas, via interviews, comedies, collages, right through to interactive shows or programme actions.
    3. Musical content may be reduced, as long as the editorial content and overall appearance are maintained. A note must be made of the cuts made on the online registration form.
    4. In the case of series or multi-part entries a maximum of three parts may be submitted. Theme days or programme activities may only be submitted in three parts of a maximum of 120 minutes each.
  6. YOUNG C. PRIZE – Sponsorship prize with age restriction
    1. In the case of the YOUNG C. PRIZE all TV stations and production companies in the EU and Switzerland are invited to submit programmes. As may all film and television schools, schools of journalism, academies and colleges of journalism, communications and media.
    2. The prize will be awarded as a TV and Video Prize.
    3. Applications for the YOUNG C. PRIZE must have been publicly broadcast or officially recognised as a final project in the main course of the respective field of study (academy, university etc.).
    4. The participants may not be older than 32 years.
    5. In the case of series or multi-part entries a maximum of three parts may be submitted.
  7. CIVIS DIGITAL PRIZE – for Internet productions
    1. All providers of websites or of online videos (web videos), as well as broadcasters, agencies, media companies or private persons based in the EU and Switzerland may take part in the CIVIS DIGITAL PRIZE.
    2. The Prize recognizes innovative, journalistic Internet offers (webpages) and online videos (web videos) on the theme of integration and cultural diversity. The submitted webpages and online videos must be accessible on the Internet during the observation period of the competition from 21/01/2019 to 30/04/2019. They may not be modified in substantial form during this period.
    3. The journalistic Internet offers must be presented using graphics and multi-media which are ideally suited for the Internet. The decisive factor is the accessibility of the webpages: all pages must be accessible in German or English, when entering the precise web address (URL). Complex portals or individual Internet contributions are not allowed.
    4. Web videos may be submitted by any video producer from the EU and Switzerland. The video producer must be in possession of all the rights to his/her video. The videos must be accessible when entering the precise web address (URL). Only videos up to 15 minutes in German or English language which were first published on the Internet between 24/01/2018 and 21/01/2019 may participate.
    5. The award will be presented on behalf of the entire team to those responsible or authorised for the website or web video in accordance with the imprint.
  8. Registration for the competition 
    1. The CIVIS competition 2019 opens on 06/12/2018. Closing date for entries is January 21, 2019.
    2. Registration for the competition must be made "online". Make use of the online form at
      • AUDIO Contributions must be submitted via audio file.
      • TV.VIDEO Contributions must be submitted with two DVDs.
      • DIGITAL Contributions must be submitted with an exact web address (URL).
      • YOUNG C. Contributions must be submitted with two DVDs.
    3. The content of each entry must be described in brief. The summary of the content should be between at least 700 characters and a maximum of 2000 characters long. The summary must be submitted in German or English.
    4. All co-production partners must be listed on the entry form. Participation in the CIVIS competition requires the consent of all co-producers.
    5. Incomplete or in-correct information may result in exclusion from the competition.
  9. Contributions registration 
    1. With the completed online registration form (PDF), you will receive a competition number (registration) for each contribution. Each submission to the competition shall require an individual application. 
    2. For each film or television contribution entered in the competition, two copies of the programme on DVD must be submitted together with the completed online registration form (PDF). In the case of radio contributions, the audio file together with the digital registration is sufficient.
    3. Radio entries must be submitted by audio file. In MP3 format in data rates between 96 and 192 kbit/s and in the sampling frequency 44.1 kHz via the CIVIS competition homepage.
    4. The DVDs and CDs must be checked and technically perfect. The title information on the registration form and the data medium must match. 
    5. For each webpage and each online video a correct Internet address (URL) and a description of the contents must be submitted. The digital registration is sufficient.
    6. For the CIVIS SPECIAL PRICE: SPECIAL EDITION, the conditions of participation of the CIVIS prize categories CIVIS TV.VIDEO, CIVIS AUDIO and CIVIS DIGITAL apply (see above).
  10. Reimbursement of expenses 
    1. The organizer will not reimburse any costs for the pages submitted as entries in the competition or related financial expenses. Transport, customs and insurance costs will not be covered by CIVIS.
    2. The submitted CDs and DVDs will not be returned and become the property of the CIVIS Media Foundation.
  11. CIVIS Jury
    1. An independent, international jury of leading journalists and media experts will decide on the entries to be admitted to the competition and will select the prize-winners. The jury's decision is final.
  12. Announcement of Winners 
    1. The winners of the CIVIS Media Prize 2019 will be announced during the festive CIVIS TV Gala on 23 May 2019 at the Foreign Office in Berlin.
  13. Public Broadcasting 
    1. CIVIS Medienstiftung has the right to show the radio, film and television entries submitted for the competition, as well as the submitted webpages and online videos in public, to make them accessible free of charge or have them made accessible, especially in the context of the coverage of the prize ceremony on the radio, the television and the Internet, including to third-party platforms, and to put them onto the CIVIS website and the websites of the cooperation partners of the CIVIS Medienstiftung (ARD, ORF, SRG SSR etc.). 
    2. In particular, in addition to the contributions as a whole also single images, photos and / or cut-outs, etc. from the submitted radio, online and television entries, may be used by the CIVIS Media Foundation and its partners in connection with the presentation of the prizes and the reporting on this. CIVIS can grant these rights to third parties for press and public relations activities.
    3. The person submitting the entry provides assurance and guarantees that, with respect to the submitted materials, he is in possession of all the required copyright, intellectual property and other rights in connection with their use under the terms of Par. 13.1 and 13.2, and that he may exercise these rights, and has obtained any approvals necessary as a result of private rights. He releases the CIVIS Media Foundation, or persons authorized in accordance with Par. 13.1 and 13.2, from all claims made by third parties.
  14. Consent 
    1. By entering the CIVIS Media Prize 2019 above terms and conditions are accepted. Incomplete or in-correct information may result in exclusion from the competition.
    2. The decision is final.
  15. Closing date for entries is January 21, 2019

Please send us the completed online registration form for the film and television category together with two DVDs to the address below. For the radio and digital category, the online registration is sufficient.

CIVIS Medienpreis 2019
Appellhofplatz 1
50667 Köln